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Is Catholicism Pagan?

April 24, 2012

Is Catholicism Pagan?.

Fr. Longnecker weighs in on polemicists who assert that this, that, or the other about the Catholic church is “really” PAGAN!

On the other hand, neo-pagans keep ranting that Christianity “stole” every practice they happen to like from something called “Paganism” which holds the trademark on them. One Usenet poster asserted that the cross was “stolen” from ancient Egyptians (since, of course human beings could not possibly have come up with perpendicular lines as a symbol more than once.)  Never mind that lumping everything else together as “Paganism” to avoid the question of what “Pagans” “stole” from each other implies that they are legitimate for everyone EXCEPT Christians.

Along these lines, Chesterton responded that if, e.g., certain dances and festivals are “pagan”, we might as well say that legs are pagan.

And the seasons are pagan, and the sun and moon are pagan, and Barack Obama is pagan, and Ron Paul is pagan, I’m a pagan, he’s a pagan, she’s a pagan, wouldn’t you like to be a pagan too?

If we think, we realize that any element in a given religion either will or will not resemble things in other religions. Now the odd thing, as Lewis would say, is that both of these are used to attack Christianity. If something has resemblances elsewhere, that proves it was “stolen”, showing how reprehensible is Christianity. If it does not, that shows how “unnatural” it is, proving how reprehensible is Christianity.


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