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The Evils of Internationalism

March 19, 2014

“Worse, the teachers are often fluffy internationalists, having been taught what I call “tourist multiculturalism.” They believe that “culture” is clothes and crafts and food. Or, as I kept running into when they told me to teach the kids their “culture” and I replied I was, that they were perfect “US Geek.” They got upset, and wanted me to teach them Portuguese culture. (Why this would trump the culture of their father whose family has been here since the 1600s is a mystery.) They have some vague idea culture is genetic. And they lack the historical knowledge to realize that is one of the most racist ideas ever.”

According To Hoyt

The first time I heard of “the international” as in the communist song, it was in a Giovanni Guareschi book.  Since this was the seventies in Portugal, it tells you that at least the Portuguese socialists and communists had learned not to press that facet of their beliefs too loudly.  Certainly not to celebrate it.

I’m not sure why.  The socialism that we were taught as – as someone on this blog put it – people in the US in a certain time had civic education was very short on the HISTORY of socialism.  Possibly because well, after a while, when you study the thing, you get a feeling that there is a lot of failure of wonderful predictions.  Oh, and a lot of blood.

Instead Marxism and Marx-inspired regimes were presented as a sort of eternal ideal.  Socialist and communist revolutions were the end of history, and the countries…

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